Welcome to The Estate.

To the public at large, The Estate is a philanthropic institute interested in funding research in several scientific fields of inquiry. While that’s partly true, and the Estate does award scientific grants to various deserving causes on a yearly basis, their actual role is a that of a worldwide protection agency, keeping everyone safe from whatever dangers may present themselves. Whether it’s terrorist organizations, ruthless dictators, dangerous technology, environmental disturbances, The Estate is there to keep everyone safe.

Unbeknownst to our party initially, The Estate’s true purpose is to explore and interact with recursions of The Strange – an other-worldly dark energy network where Earth exists alongside a seemingly unlimited number of other realities, each with their own unique inhabitants, and in many cases, completely different and independent laws of physicals and reality.

You can follow our agents’ escapades in the adventure log.

Learn more about the team and the people they meet in the characters section.

The Strange

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