Played by Sterling


A Paranoid Spinner who

  • Is Idolized By Millions on Earth, known as Starman
  • Pilots Starcraft on Ruk, known as Thom


A gifted singer, an able grifter, and consummately unprofessional, Starman, real name Marion Jones, is a twentysomething agent of the Estate. He fancies himself a suave, cool character with a silver tongue and winning smile, though his paranoid tendencies tend to drive away as many as it captivates.

His first contact with the Strange was when a local promoter offered him the “trip of his life” with some stuff he called “dust”. His first (and only) experience with what he came to learn was spiral dust led him to an encounter with Malathamashawi, or at least a tunnel full of bas-relief faces, each one screaming a wordless cry. As he ran through the twisting corridors, his latent paranoid tendencies intensified. He fled from strange face to strange face until he was confronted with a dead-end.

At the end of this hallway, he could make out a face that seemed newer than the rest. He slowed, captivated by its presence. As he approached, the details blurred, changing and resolving into different features. He stood, breath held until the face formed into a clear image. As he felt his high fading, the real world slipping back into focus, the sudden shock of realization ended his revelry, and that face seared itself into his mind.

Shortly after his encounter with the Strange, he started to learn that his abilities to captivate and instill confidence in those around him were due something more than just an uncanny ability to read a crowd. He could feel something from his encounter in the tunnels flow through him, illuminate his words, and wrap itself around his audience. It was a few short days after a concert where the entire audience reported having seen the face of God on stage that an agent of the estate masquerading as a Japanese tour promoter called on Starman.

During his short tenure working with the Estate, Starman has already managed to become a darling among the secretaries and a minor annoyance to their superiors. Ever a star in his own mind, even though he hasn’t played a show in six months, he still finds that his legion of fangirls is at his beck and call. After all, what good rock star would be caught without groupies?


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